Italian Lawmakers Salaries

Jan 11, 12 Italian Lawmakers Salaries

Italian lawmaker’s salary surpasses the salary of their other EU colleagues

Recent research has made it clear that Italian law makers make money which may surpass to what the law makers earn in other economies of Europe. It has been criticized by the Italians as the country is trying hard to get rid of the debt crisis. There has been increase in the taxes, pension reforms and the labor market which is making it hard for the common people in Italy to survive. Mario Monti has promised to reduce the cost of the governance and also to give up his salary as the premier.

There were reports which had studied and made comparisons between the cost of labor and the law makers of Italy with many other countries like Germany, Spain, France, etc. also Italy is being criticized and punished for not being able to find a solution for the debt which is about euro 1.9 trillion. Already Monti has managed to form a government which has many technocrats who have plans to deal with the problem by cutting costs on expenditure and hiking the tax amount.

The study shows that the Italian law makers manage to earn about euro 11,283 a month whereas the law makers of Dutch earn nearly euro 8,503. These figures are very high as compared to that in Spain which is about euro 2,813. They get many perks apart from the salary. They get allowances for living and also for travelling in boats, planes, Italian highways and also train. The German law makers are known to get the best allowance of nearly about euro 4000. To the contradiction the Belgian law makers get no allowance.

Some major US companies will also be affected by changes in the Italian economic structure.  One company that has their product handmade in the country is taryn rose shoes.


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