What to expect from House of Lies

Jan 11, 12 What to expect from House of Lies

What to expect from House of Lies

This ever growing in popularity show called the House of Lies airs on Sundays and deals with management consultants. The task that they have on hand is to con the big corporate into believing in their advice. They make them so dependent on them that they are willing to pay anything to have them.

The show is also based on the chronicle of Marty Kihn who says that this is a good idea but it will not be able to hold on forever. Therefore, a good strategy is to have another fantasy building up within the main theme. Sex sells and the characters could be dealing with it in different ways.

The House of Lies is similar to Up in the Air and Thank you for Smoking are similar shows where characters are all well-dressed and look good.  They are jet setting all over and in conversations with co-passengers telling them about their trips and work. The humor that you notice in these shows is all about putting down another person.

Matthew Canahan who conceives House of Lies says that Marty the main character is the kind who is driven by the pettiest of things.  The conundrum consists of the most self-destructive potent at times. The way he is portrayed is in bad light such that every time that he opens his mouth it is to say something venal. However, it works for the benefit of the story line to have Marty behave so.

Source: TV-Online.me


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