The hurdles ahead for US online gaming industry

The Department of Justice did declare that online gaming is going to be legalized however; there still exist hurdles that need to be overcome by the US online gaming industry.

The decision by the Judiciary makes it far simpler for individual states to devise their own online gaming laws and start interstate gaming processes. This will boost their profitability. At the same time in order to be able to do this, they should first go on to overcome the hurdles.

The main hurdle that is staring the online poker industry is that some states have not many people in them. These states are small and might not be able to generate a huge amount of profit from this industry. There have to be a great number of players around to be able to generate profits which is not so in some of the small states.

At the same time, there are too many players wanting to get their hands on to the profits and this further diminishes that returns.  Also, the approval is not for all states and this leaves them looking in from the periphery.  The state of Nevada will certainly go on to get the benefit of the law approving it but the problem lies in interpretation of the law.

Having said this most gaming professionals will agree that the Department of Justice making gaming legal will go a long way in ensuring that the states are able to reap the benefits of the gaming industry and USA poker.